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Radius of turn calculator

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Aircraft Turn Radius Calculator

In modern days a computer is used to calculate the exact turning radius of a specific car or truck. For this purpose, AutoTURN was developped. With a program like AutoTURN you can add vehicles to your designs, so you
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Turning Radius Calculator

Radius of Curve using Degree of Curve calculator uses Radius of curve = 50/ (sin(1/2)* (Degree of curve* (180/pi))) to calculate the Radius of curve, The Radius of curve using degree of curve

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How to calculate angular velocity and radius of a turn?

R = turning radius in feet θ = bank angle in degrees ω = rate of turn in degrees per second For example, at 120 knots and a 30° bank angle, the turn radius and rate of turn are: R = 120 2 11.26 tan 30 = 14, 400 11.26 × 0.5773 = 2, 215 f e e t ≈ 1

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Radius of Standard and Non-Standard Rate Turns

This article describes the calculation of the turning radius of a car or bicycle. This radius depends on two things: - the wheelbase w , which is the distance between the front- and the rear wheel. - the angle a of the front wheel. We suppose that