Write the Equation of a Polynomial Function Based on Its Graph

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Extracting the Equation from a Graph

Finding the Equation of an Exponential Function From Its Graph Step 1: Determine the horizontal asymptote of the graph. This determines the vertical translation from the simplest
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Writing Equations of Linear Functions

2 Answers Sorted by: 0 You are correct about your guess f ( 𝑦) = ( 𝑦 + 4) ( 𝑦 + 2) ( 𝑦 − 1) ( 𝑦 − 4) for the left hand side of the graph when y ≤ 2. However, we need to scale this by some constant c, so really we have f ( 𝑦) = c ( 𝑦 + 4) ( 𝑦 + 2) ( 𝑦

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