Find sum of infinite geometric series

The Sum of an Infinite Geometric Series For an infinite geometric series with first term, t1, and common ratio, -1sum of the series, S∞, is: Ex2 Find the sum to infinity for the

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Infinite Geometric Series

Geometric Sequence: r = 1 2 r = 1 2 The sum of a series Sn S n is calculated using the formula Sn = a(1−rn) 1−r S n = a ( 1 - r n) 1 - r. For the sum of an infinite geometric series S∞ S ∞, as n n
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Infinite geometric series Calculator

Therefore, we can find the sum of an infinite geometric series using the formula S = a 1 1 − r. When an infinite sum has a finite value, we say the sum converges. Otherwise, the