How to write a linear function from a word problem

Well, it's lowercase b is the number of TV show B episodes. So 43 minutes per episode times lowercase b episodes, that's how much time she spent watching TV show B. So if you add the

Linear Equation Word Problems

Write the appropriate linear equation to find the temperature at any time. Solution : Step 1 : Notice that the change in the temperature is the same for each increase of 1 hour in time. So, the

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Y = mx + b Word Problems

So if you can write it in the y is equal to mx plus b form, where m is the slope of the line and b is the y-intercept. So let's see if we can do that. Well if we want to do that here, we could just subtract x from
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Writing Linear Equations for Word Problems

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How to Write a Linear Equation Given a Word Problem

Here are some steps to follow: 1. Understand the problem. Understand all the words used in stating the problem. Understand what you are asked to find. Familiarize the problem situation.

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